Preparing for a home sale

Preparing for a home sale

Preparing a Home For Sale

When it’s time for a homeowner to offer their house for sale, there are many things that must be considered in order to get the best home prices available. Getting a home ready for the marketplace requires focus and attention, as today’s real estate market is a highly competitive place.

Buyers today look at properties with a high level of scrutiny, which is why a seller has to do everything they can to prepare their home. Just as actors and job applicants have to realize they make the most impact within the first few seconds of a meeting, so will a home’s look and feel make the most impact in the first few moments of a walk through. All of this is why preparing carefully is the very best policy for a home seller who wants to do well.


How To Sell a Home in Today’s Competitive Real Estate Market

People who want to buy a home in today’s real estate market are looking for many things, and part of what they are looking for will be geared to their own specific needs. Couples with children will have different needs than older couples or single people. They will be concerned about the local schools and that the area is welcoming to families. All of this should be kept in mind when preparing a house for sale.

If the home being offered is in a good area for families, this should definitely be highlighted in the communications about the property. If there is a good play area for the children, that area should be cleaned and landscaped before it is shown.

An unkempt yard will definitely bring down the value of a home, so it’s important to pay careful attention to how the yard looks on the first impression. This is especially true of the front yard and walkway. Adding bright flowers to the walkway or around the front door is an easy job that will add a lot to a positive first impression of the home.


Staging the Property For Those Who Want To Buy A Home

Again, the first impression a buyer has of a home is huge. Along with taking in the first impression of the home, a buyer will also study the neighborhood and the condition of the home, including the roof, plumbing, and foundation. Still, the first walk-through of a home is the time when a person falls in love with it and that’s why it’s so important to carefully prepare the home in advance.

The home should look immaculate and clutter-free for the open house walk through. If new furnishings are needed, they should be brought in in order to make a great first impression. Any clutter or threadbare carpets or furniture will take away from the price a seller can ask for a home, so all of the details must be attended to.

There are interior design experts who can be brought in to help with staging a home and their expertise is worth the price. A homeowner can also consult interior design magazines and websites for ideas on how to stage a home beautifully. Extra touches like vases with fresh flowers and scented candles add a lot of the welcoming feel of a home.

Cosmetic touches, like staging a home with new furniture and flowers might seem inconsequential, but ultimately, a home sale is an emotional experience. That’s why the more a seller can do to make a home look and feel like a “dream house,” the better chance they’ll have at getting the price they really desire.

Selling a house takes focus and hard work, but ultimately, a successful home sale is worth all the trouble involved.  For more information about how to make your home beautiful for selling, contact your local trusted Real Estate agent today.