Buying a home in Atlanta?

If you are looking at purchasing a home in Atlanta Ga, you will be in need of a variety of real estate practitioners.

Many home buyers are under the impression that all they need is a real estate agent.  Truth is, the home purchase process includes not only Realtor, but a mortgage broker or lender, an insurance agent, a home inspector, closing company and an appraiser.  And this list is for a basic real estate sale. Some of the more complicated real estate transactions require the assistance of  a licensed real estate attorney to delve into the more complicated aspects of real estate. 


“Buying a home, for more Americans, is the single most expensive purchase of their lifetime. “

With every home purchase comes the need to work with a variety of real estate practitioners.  As with any set of professions, there are people that deliver good, bad and mediocre  results.

Our goal is to insure that when you buy a home in Atlanta Ga, you have access to the:

  • Top Realtors
  • Top Mortgage Brokers
  • Top Appraisers
  • Top Closing Attorneys
  • Top Insurance Providers
  • Top Home Inspectors
  • and More

For a limited time, we are featuring homes for sale in California.  Below are the most current properties in 

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