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5 Reasons Why Your House Won’t Sell

Real estate is hot right now. Houses are selling in unprecedented numbers, and yours is still sitting on the market. It looks great, you put a lot of work into it, but it won’t sell. We took a look at why houses have trouble selling

Your Price Is Too High

We know you love your house, but it’s not worth what you want for it. (well, if it’s not selling, anyway). Those upgrades you made? They look great. The $15 thousand dollar kitchen is a real head-turner, but it isn’t adding $15 thousand in value to your home.
Did Zillow tell you it was worth $350K? Well, Zillow was wrong. Zillow may very well have the worst algorithm in the history of algorithms, because 9 times out of 10 Zillow is wrong on price. Get an appraisal. That’s your price.

Your Photos Are Bad

99.9% of your searches are going to start online, and bad photos are a surefire way to lose someone’s interest. If your Realtor shows up with an iPhone to take photos, fire them. It’s a couple of hundred dollars to get professional photos for your listing. Don’t lose the battle before it’s even begun by going cheap on your photos.

Your House Is Ugly

Let’s call it what it is. You didn’t feel like messing with the upkeep, and now nobody wants to buy it. Ugly houses are going to draw investors and flippers that aren’t going to give you top dollar for your home. Put a fresh coat of paint on if it needs it. Spend the money to get the roof fixed. You don’t have to do a total overhaul, but it does need to look presentable.

Your Realtor Is Terrible

They’re out there. They can’t show your house during the day because they have a day job. They take iPhone photos. They used a home printer to make your flyers. They’re bad Realtors.
You don’t have to pick the Realtor with billboards on every local highway. Pick someone reliable with good references. If it’s a “friend of a friend” that’s fine. Make sure it’s their full-time job.

Time Of Year

January isn’t the time to sell a home. People don’t move in January. Now, sometimes you don’t have the option when to move, but if you do, avoid winter months if you can. According to Realtor, the first week of April receives 14 percent more views than any other time of year. Spring gets people in a good mood. It makes sense that people would want to buy a home then.
If you don’t have an offer in 30 days you need to reevaluate the items on this list. Homes are flying off the market right now and yours should too.