Why use Robert Whitfield to Represent you – whats in it for you?


Outstanding  Benefits and Advantage and Proven Performance Other Agents Can’t Offer:

Direct Personal Assistance and Experienced Counsel from a Licensed Broker/Owner…PLUS: Protection and Advice from an ICC Certified Home Construction and Building Inspection Expert! The services of ANY ordinary agent ( whether well known top producer or green newbie) are very limited by comparison.

Unmatched Due-Diligence, Client Protection, and Complete Disclosure for You – I provide a complimentary Pre Purchase Analysis of the Structure & Major Systems of every home of interest to you – BEFORE we craft and submit offers. You make wiser decisions, and really know what you are buying! When appropriate, I actually suggest you NOT buy certain homes to protect your interest. I also monitor the construction of new homes for my clients.

Extremely Quick Homefinding Results. I can show you all the properties currently for sale in every MLS that matches your most important criteria, including unadvertised homes most Agents don’t know about. In 10 years, it has never taken me more than 42 days to find my client a home they loved – my record is 3 days – the typical time is 7 -14 days. I do far more work in performing invaluable structure and major system evaluations on all homes for you-and this extra due-diligence really pays off. My system pin points the best homes far faster than any other agent can, so you see the very best homes available first! Why is efficiency and speed so important? Maximum Opportunity! No matter if its a Buyers or Sellers market, a Red Hot or Slow market-The Best Homes Always Sell The Fastest!

Risk Free Guarantee for Buyers – if within 6 months of purchase, you don’t like any home I recommended, I will sell it for free of all our listing side fees utilizing cutting edge marketing systems – systems that helped me achieve some of the best listing sales stats in North Atlanta!

Easy Exit Guarantee (In Writing) – if my services and performance don’t exceed the services and performance of any real estate professional you have ever used – if I don’t do what I say I will, you can fire me, guaranteed.

There is, No Better Way To Buy A Home in Georgia…however, because I provide each client with Direct Personal Representation and Unmatched Due-Diligence Services, I can only accept a limited number of clients each month so contact me right away at 678-585-9691 to discuss your needs, time line, and my current availabilty!

I look forward to hearing from you and helping you formulate the best strategy and plan to move forward based on your current situation and ideal time line to purchase real estate anywhere in the Greater Metro Atlanta and North GA markets, and selected Resort Areas in Georgia, North Carolina, and Florida.

Ready to get started –  Contact Robert Whitfield at 678-585-9691

Robert Whitfields Profile:

As Atlanta’s Only Licensed Broker/Owner & ICC Code Certified Building Inspection Expert, Robert offers a more comprehensive level of Real Estate Representation which has saved buyer, seller, investor, and luxury home clients many hundreds of thousands of dollars over the years, and spared clients a lot of unnecessary risk, worry, and anxiety throughout the home buying/selling/home building process. Acting not just as his clients realtor, but as his clients consultant and advocate, Robert routinely relies on his multiple qualifications, experience, and knowledge to resolve a host of complex contract, regulatory, and home construction and inspection issues. His skills and services exceed both the abilities and the expected responsibilities of any real estate agent/Realtor. Roberts experience, counsel, and unique qualifications have been instrumental in insuring clients make a sound and successful purchase or sale, including protecting clients by proactively preventing problems, holding client deals together in the face of unforeseeable deal killer events, sparing buyer and seller clients the financial impacts of inaccurate inspection calls and inaccurate appraisals, and in a few unusual cases, successfully assisting buyer clients in getting out of deals with their Earnest Money intact.