Unmatched Buyer Representation & Benefits

Unmatched Representation…Really?  Yes, Robert Whitfield provides homebuyers with services and consumer protections that far exceed the customary services or expected responsibility of any real estate professional, agent or Realtor!

It’s Called The WISE BUYER Program, And It’s Possible Only Because of Robert Whitfield’s Unmatched Qualifications and Unique  Consulting Approach and Processes.

Like most buyers you probably want the most hassle-free, efficient, safe, and enjoyable process to locate and view properties that are highly relevant to your specific needs and unique individual requirements. This includes information and access (without having to call 20 different agents) to all available properties from all brokers, including available properties we are often aware of in various markets that are not yet advertised for sale.

You also probably want trustworthy advice and highly experienced counsel regarding contracts, addendums,  legal stipulations, purchase strategies that work, the trends and sales data (not the Zillow and Trulia stuff -but real current data… accurate market data per actual court house records) about the micro market the home is located in, the general market trend, and other factors that are important when considering a purchase. Don’t forget the myriad of details that if overlooked or not properly addressed within the time constraints specified in the contracts and addenda could result in a very costly mistake, a blown deal, lost Earnest Money, even a lawsuit. As the saying goes: “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.”  Just as when you’re considering surgeons for an operation – you would be wise not to settle for ordinary or a generalist, and real estate is no different. You really don’t want to settle for an ordinary agent when it comes to one of lifes largests investments, buying your home. Finding the most experienced real estate expert possible – a Buyer Brokerage specialist with the most comprehensive and specialized additional qualifications can pay big dividends and make all the difference when it comes to protecting your best interests, finding the best property, negotiating the best deal, and how well your transaction turns out – particularly if things don’t go as planned or are not what they were represented to be.

You would probably also agree, that it would be a really fantastic bonus if someone who was a new home construction expert and experienced ICC Certified Building Inspection expert could accompany you to make sure there were no signs of serious and costly defects or poor workmanship – especially with regard to the structure and major cost systems like plumbing, electrical, and mechanical systems. And if there were problems or issues, you would know about them before your offer and be able factor them into a more accurate offer price, and/or insure they will be repaired by placing the items of concern in the offer where they are not negotiable, or, in really serious cases you would know to avoid the home or builder altogether and move on.  This kind of extra insight can be invaluable and save you a lot of money and headaches! As the only licensed Broker/ICC Certified Building Inspection expert in Atlanta, Robert has saved his clients hundreds of thousands of dollars by performing this extra due-diligence and complimentary evaluations for clients. Thats a luxury buyers working on their own or with ordinary agents dont have, but is exactly what Robert provides each Buyer he represents. After all, it really doesn’t matter how good a home looks on the surface if there are serious hidden defects that will cost you thousands later or plague you with problems for years to come. With Robert’s Buyer Representation a sound investment is assured – you truly become a much wiser and more informed buyer than all other buyers in the marketplace.

Superior Insight – There Is No Better Way To Buy!

For more information, there is an entire website devoted to home buyers and Robert’s unique and unmatched Buyer Brokerage services:


Please don’t hesitate to call Robert anytime at 678-585-9691 if you have any questions about Atlanta area real estate, the market, luxury, second home, or investment properties, or our Buyer Representation services.  We are here to help you!

Robert Whitfields Profile:

As Atlanta’s Only Licensed Broker/Owner & ICC Code Certified Building Inspection Expert, Robert offers a more comprehensive level of Real Estate Representation which has saved buyer, seller, investor, and luxury home clients many hundreds of thousands of dollars over the years, and spared clients a lot of unnecessary risk, worry, and anxiety throughout the home buying/selling/home building process. Acting not just as his clients realtor, but as his clients consultant and advocate, Robert routinely relies on his multiple qualifications, experience, and knowledge to resolve a host of complex contract, regulatory, and home construction and inspection issues. His skills and services exceed both the abilities and the expected responsibilities of any real estate agent/Realtor. Roberts experience, counsel, and unique qualifications have been instrumental in insuring clients make a sound and successful purchase or sale, including protecting clients by proactively preventing problems, holding client deals together in the face of unforeseeable deal killer events, sparing buyer and seller clients the financial impacts of inaccurate inspection calls and inaccurate appraisals, and in a few unusual cases, successfully assisting buyer clients in getting out of deals with their Earnest Money intact.