Become a much wiser and more informed buyer than all other buyers in the North Atlanta Marketplace with…

The WISE BUYER Program

As the saying goes: “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.” –Benjamin Franklin

A Buyer Brokerage specialist can pay big dividends and make all the difference. Robert Whitfield is your Licensed Real Estate Broker/Owner… PLUS an ICC Certified Home Construction and Building Inspection Expert. A luxury you won’t have if working on your own or using any ordinary agent generalist.

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We’ll protect your best interests, find the best property, and negotiate the best deal.

• Enjoy a hassle-free process to locate and view desirable properties.
• Get information and access to available properties from all brokers, including those not yet advertised for sale.
• Structure and major system evaluations on all homes for you – extra due-diligence that pays off BEFORE we craft and submit offers.
• Trends and sales data: not Zillow and Trulia stuff, but accurate market data per actual court house records
• Trustworthy advice and experienced counsel on contracts, addendums, legal stipulations, strategies that work
• When appropriate, I protect your interests by actually suggesting you NOT buy certain homes.
• New home construction monitoring

My system pinpoints the best homes faster than any other agent can, so you see the best homes available first!

It doesn’t matter how good a home looks on the surface if there are serious hidden defects. Don’t risk what could cost you thousands later or plague you with problems for years to come.

Quick Home Finding Results

It has never taken me more than 42 days to find my client a home they loved – my record is 3 days – the typical time is 7 -14 days.

Easy Exit Guarantee

If my services and performance don’t exceed the services and performance of any real estate professional you have ever used, you can fire me, guaranteed.

I can only accept a limited number of clients each month. Contact me right away at 678-585-9691 to discuss your needs and time line.

I look forward to helping you with the best plan for your next purchase of real estate in Greater Metro Atlanta and Selected Resort Areas in Georgia, North Carolina, and Florida.

Ready to get started?  Contact Robert Whitfield at 678-585-9691 or use our Contact Form here.